About Us

Studies have demonstrated that background music can enhance some executive functions in both young and older adults, which further leads to focus attention on specific tasks and avoiding distractions.

Music is like any other creation. There are people who make music and then there are those people who consume it. Off late that essence is diminishing. Now we have intermediaries springing up every other day to create businesses out this simple process, and this resultantly has created a virtual wall between the artists and the listeners. The Performance Royalty Organizations (PROs) around the world are making it even more challenging for the artists to communicate to the world at large through their music.

RadioSparx to the rescue. Offering commercial background music service since 2011, our motto, "Change your Music, Change your Life...", resonates with our clients around the globe who recognize the right mood throughout the day enhances both customer and employee loyalty, and often increases sales and client satisfaction. Our high-quality, curated music subscriptions save you money while you enjoy world-class music uploaded daily from our 7,000 talented artists, bands, orchestras, and ensembles from around the world.

With our direct-licensed music, you NEVER have to pay RMPL, ASCAP, BMI, PRS, PPL, and other Performance Royalty Organization (PRO) Societies around the world, offering a great savings to our clients. Check out our GREAT background music (also called in-store music, ambient music, or environment music) - now serving a wide array of industries and vertical markets in 90 countries.