Yes, multiple different simultaneous logins to the same (master) account is possible. The single account can be managed by multiple different people signing in to the account from different locations, all simultaneously, to manage different parts of the service (e.g. music selections, ad content, etc.)

For each contact person that is added to the master account, they can use their email address as their sign-in username, provided that their email address is not used on any other account. Additionally, there is only a single password for the master account which must be shared among the users who will access the account.

Separately from the master account, with our multi-user service option, you have additional “user” accounts under your master account, one for each location needing service. Each user account has its own separate sign-in username and password and is assigned for use at a designated location, venue, vehicle, etc. to access an independent music stream at RadioSparx.

For music playback purposes, your master account, as well as each user account, can only be used on a single player device for purposes of playing music. If you try to use the same account on multiple computers simultaneously, the music will be stopped automatically for one of the players.