RadioSparx does not include such music, however, it does include fantastic new music from highly successful independent music artists, as well as new up-and-coming music artists from around the world. In short, RadioSparx provides a great opportunity for you, your clients, and your staff to discover the hot new music from the coolest new independent music artists in the world today.

Our music puts you at the forefront of taste-making, and will separate you from other businesses that play over-saturated major label music. The commercial value of becoming a leader in providing a NEW MUSIC and NEW ARTIST discovery experience is significant for your clients and staff!
The result for your business is that you will be perceived to be on the cutting edge with a totally unique music service that sets you apart from other competitors in your industry who play the same major label music that has been heard over and over thousands of times before. Your clients and staff will hear all-new music from artists they have never heard before.
RadioSparx is replacing major label catalogs around the world as we expand rapidly, now selling in 74 countries. We are able to do this because of the high quality of our music, creating for the first time a commercial music service for businesses that is a true alternative to major label music. In spades!

We focus on finding and signing extremely talented artists and music who prefer to remain independent and control their own music. Major label music has its positive qualities, but that just sets a high bar for us to meet and then exceed, and we rise to the challenge with high-quality playlists that have been refined over many years, with new tracks added daily.

Plus with RadioSparx, you can likely save at least 50% in the cost of deploying our music service in your business versus paying expensive society fees.

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