What am I getting for the subscription?

Both monthly and annual plans are all-inclusive.
That means you get unlimited access to all features RadioSparx has to offer.


  • Commercial in-Store use permitted
  • An official licensing certificate for each of your locations
  • More than 8,20,000 tracks at your disposal
  • Unlimited access to more than 480 playlists
  • Every month additional songs updated to your list
  • Custom stations
  • Custom schedules - set the mood by the time of the day
  • Custom ads - play your promos & announcements
  • Player monitoring - get notified if a player is down
  • RS-PLAY mobile app
  • R-BOX Pearl app
  • Tech support by email and phone

Popular Questions

    What is music licensing?

    Music is a powerful force that touches people's lives in countless ways, from inspiring us to dance and sing, to providing solace in times of sorrow and pain. It is an art form that involves the creation of sounds and rhythms, often using instruments, vocals, or...

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    How can Music Improve your Business?

    If you operate or manage a business, you may not have considered the impact that playing music within your working environment can have on your business as a whole. In actual fact, the music you use can help work to improve your business. First and foremost, it is...

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    Who are the users of the RadioSparx music service?

    Banks, supermarkets, shopping malls, shops, pharmacies, cafes, clubs, restaurants, hotels, companies and facilities from all segments of the service or sales sector that have a need for music and internal communication within their facilities.

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    Can multiple “users” access an account simultaneously?

    Yes, multiple different simultaneous logins to the same (master) account is possible. The single account can be managed by multiple different people signing in to the account from different locations, all simultaneously, to manage different parts of the service (e.g....

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    Does the music at RadioSparx include major label tracks?

    RadioSparx does not include such music, however, it does include fantastic new music from highly successful independent music artists, as well as new up-and-coming music artists from around the world. In short, RadioSparx provides a great opportunity for you, your...

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    How does the Service Monitoring System work?

    The RadioSparx Service Monitoring system was created to help you be able to monitor each computer that is supposed to be playing music, to guard against extended down time when music should be playing but, for some reason, is not playing. By using the Service...

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    How do I activate the Free Trial?

    Just simply registering on the RadioSparx homepage immediately activates the Free Trial for you. If you click on Account at the top right of the site, at the top of the Account Menu you will see the current status indicates that the Free Trial is activated, and it...

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    How Does RadioSparx work in general?

    RadioSparx has many advanced features that make it perfect for use in commercial business premises. With a huge rights-cleared, direct-licensed catalog and features such as custom stations, custom schedules, custom ads, player monitoring, and much more, RadioSparx...

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